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About Us

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We're  an Irish touring company  built on the knowledge and experience of a team made with like minded people that have one goal in mind...You and the quality of your visit to Ireland.   

Meet The Team


Local Guides


Wholesome Food

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Luxury Vehicles


VIP Experience

Tadhg O'Brien, with 20 years experience as a local guide  & the founder of 'Amazing Irish vacations' he know all the places you want to see & eat! It is this local knowledge which saves you time (and money!). Growing up in Ireland he learned all the stories & traditions to allow him to breathe life into the ancient stones with the stories of Irish history, folklore & a little fun historical gossip!

Join him or one of our great local guides on an adventure of a lifetime in Ireland! 

Ireland is food crazy! But in a great modern way. We have some of the most amazing restaurants built on natural producers committed to Quality. All our tours include stops at what may be some of Irelands best Pubs & Restaurants!

Add to this some Artisan food producers & you have a gastronomical experience!

When you arrive in Ireland, you will be delighted to be met with one of our Mercedes Benz Vehicles perfectly suited for you and your group! With full free WiFi & refreshing Irish mineral water every day on your tour, you simply wont want to go home!

 Cleaned & sanitised every day you will be in the safest travelling environment available!

All vehicles are chosen to have the lowest carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of service you deserve.

From the moment you enter the arrivals hall, you'll be greeted and treated like a VIP because .. you ARE!  You'll not lift a finger until we drop you back at departures ~ you'll be well looked after throughout your entire stay in Ireland.  It's our 'standard' service to all of our visitors to ensure a cleaned and sanitised vehicle, fresh water and free WiFi each morning.  Front door service with attraction tickets in hand so that you'll not be standing in lines throughout and.. your private driver guide at your becon call.  With us, it's all about YOU! 


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