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Connemara Day Tour

Stunning Landscape

This is the landscape which has captivated artist's & writer's for generation's. Today this inspiring landscape can be best visited in comfort with a local guide & luxury car as the roads is this wilderness fight for survival everyday with the bogs they are built on!

Connemara - Copy.jpg

Traditional Villages

Your tour through Connemara includes panoramic views of wonderful thatched cottages & old stone built homes along the western shores of Connemara. Preserved by the local people who still live in them they are authentic & genuine.

Rathbaun Farm.jpg

Connemara Marble Factory

One of the most famous of all Irish marbles is Connemara marble. Valued & famed for its jade & green colours this has been used in architecture & jewellery since its discovery! A visit to the factory working with Connemara marble is interesting & culturally important.


Kylemore Abbey

Once a fairy-tale castle of a wealthy Anglo Irish Merchant family, today the home to the Benedictine Order of Nuns & used as a girls School till recently.

kylemore abbey.jpg

Coral Beaches of Connemara

While the natural sand of Connemara is mostly silver, it is common to come across quite coral beaches which are soft on the feet & when examined contain tiny fragments of the sea creatures which lived here!

connemara coast beach.jpg

Ireland's Wilderness

The natural beauty of the mountain ranges, peatlands, lakes & rivers are complemented by the occasional view of horses grazing as well as sheep & cattle. It is a truly organic experience.


1 Day


Private Transportation

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Private Guide

What's Included

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