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Covid 19

As the world gets closer to passing the Pandemic which has dominated our lives for the past couple of years it is refreshing to see Government restrictions finally being lifted in Ireland on mandatory quarantining & other measures.

From 2022 it is expected travel to Ireland will be back on a normal footing. Currently you still will have to fill out a passenger locator form which you will find a link to here 




Ireland offers US pre-clearance when entering the USA from Shannon or Dublin Airports. This will allow much faster exiting on the US side but dose require an extra 30 minutes typically in the irish airport to complete. 



One thing the pandemic has thought us is the value of travel insurance. While not expensive it is often overlooked. Check your credit card as often this is included!

Amazing Irish Vacations


While everyone who works for

Amazing Irish Vacations is vaccinated against Covid19 for your protection. Your right to freedom & choice will always be respected & there is no requirement for you to be vaccinated. If you are vaccinated & planning to travel in 2021 then please have your card available as Irish restaurants are under tremendous legal pressure to check the status of indoor diners.  

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