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Travel Updates

Keeping you up to date on current travel arrangements in Ireland
Covid 19

All Restrictions have now been lifted in Ireland! You do not require a PCR test to enter the country.  

Ukraine Crisis

Our prayers are with all the innocent people affected by this crisis. While Ireland is closer to Canada than it is to Ukraine we have travel restrictions affecting Russian citizens. Please check Irish Government Advice.



Ireland offers US pre-clearance when entering the USA from Shannon or Dublin Airports. This will allow much faster exiting on the US side but dose require an extra 30 minutes typically in the irish airport to complete. 



One thing the pandemic has thought us is the value of travel insurance. While not expensive it is often overlooked. Check your credit card as often this is included!

Amazing Irish Vacations


It is good advice to seek vaccination where possible. If you are vaccinated you will be arriving in a country overwhelmingly vaccinated. Our case numbers in hospital are very low.

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